MealPal Sign Up Flow


The MealPal growth strategy relies heavily on direct response email marketing. Email campaigns link a lead directly to the sign up flow.

The Problem

The data showed that a small percentage of leads were completing sign up and converting to new users. Where did they drop off and how might we improve our conversion rate?

What I Did...

UX Design
UX Research
 Visual Design

Step 1

Step one is where we saw the biggest drop-off. Leads are being led to a page with no information about what they're signing up for.

The redesign includes an explanation of How MealPal Works, appealing imagery, and headline text that can be customized per each campaign.

slide from left to right
Before After

Step 2

Plan selection needed to be included as Step 2. The type hierarchy needed to emphasize the price, rather than food images. A button was also added to view sample meals in your city.

Before After

Step 3

Billing information is technically the final step in signing up for MealPal, so this should be reflected as Step 3.

Before After

Complete Account

In the upper right corner, the purple payment modal disappeared after 5 seconds and was not adequate feedback to confirm payment to a user. The payment confirmation should remain on the page.

Account information can be collected later, so this is not part of Steps 1-3.

Before After

SMS Verification

To deter fraud regarding promotions, SMS verification is now required for all MealPal users. Since this adds more screens to the sign up flow, we've softened the language to avoid user fatigue and updated the visual design for cohesion.

Before After
Before After

Marketing Landing Page

For digital marketing and social media campaigns, we developed a landing page to drive visitors to which contains city-specific information for all MealPal markets.